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they were most likely killed ___ They were given insufficent food and usually no medication in the ghettos. Most of the ghettos were also hopelessly overcrowded and disease spread easily. Moreover, from December 1941 on the inhabitants of the ghettos were taken to extermination camps and killed there.

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Most of the Jews in the ghettos were sent to the concentration camps by the Nazis, but if they were fortunate and the war ended before the Nazis could take them, they would go back to their homes.

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Q: What happened to the people in the ghettos?
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What happened to these ghettos?

people lived, people worked, people died. Everything was just a bit more extreme.

What happened with the clearing of the ghettos?

they were burned to the ground

What happened in the ghettos?

people lived and died, conditions were worse than ouside of the ghetto, but for a brief period people lived in a micro society

What happened to the people in the ghettos in the holocaust?

Those who survived the appallingly low rations and the disease were later sent to extermination camps.

What happened to the Germans in the ghettos?

All non-Jews had to move out.

Jews were transportes to ghettos what are ghettos?

The Jewish ghettos were sections of the city that were allocated specifially for Jewish housing.

How were ghettos were created?

Ghettos were created like all other people on earth they are just loud and smart!

What happened to the ghettos when the Final Solution was implemented in 1941?

The Final Solution was not implemented in 1941. By the time of the Final Solution most of the ghettos had been cleared and the inhabitants murdered.

What happened if you got too close to the barbed wire in the ghettos?

There was not so much barbed wire in the ghettos. They were not like the camps where one would risk death by going to the wire.

What kind of things were in the Jewish ghettos?

most household items, people were allowed to take many posessions into the ghettos with them.

How were ghettos use in the holocaust?

Ghettos were blocked off sections of town where Jewish people were forced to live. Walls were built around the ghettos in order to keep the Jews inside. It was hard living in the ghettos. Food and personal space were scarce.

What was the environment like in a Jewish getto?

the ghettos were had horrible living conditions. deprived a food (the people in the ghettos were left overs)