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Many finally found their way back to their home cities and countries only to find that there was no one left they knew or family left. Some went to Israel while others came to the United States. Others stayed where they were to remake their lives.

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Q: What happened to the people that survived the atrocities?
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What happened to the people who survived the atrocities?

The people who survived the atrocities of the Holocaust were left with many physical and emotional issues. It took years for many of these people to recover. They were left with nothing, and had to begin their life over, often in new countries.

What happened to the Jewish people in concentration camp in World War 2?

See the links below to see the atrocities that happened to the Jews.

What happened to the people that survived the treatment of Hitler and NAZI party?

Know there living there life's At least whats left of them. There weren't many people though that survived it.

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What happened to the people in the ghettos in the holocaust?

Those who survived the appallingly low rations and the disease were later sent to extermination camps.

What atrocities happened in conentrationcamp during the holocaust?

Many awful things happened during the holocaust. For example there were 3 groups of people in the camps, 2 were the regular ones who go in the camps, but the 3r group was a medical group which the Nazis tested thing on them. Like seeing how far you can stretch them until they rip, or doing brain surgery as they were awake, and many for awful things.

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Atrocities are horrible crimes committed by people, armies or governments against other people. Atrocities would include: Genocide Crimes against humanity Mass murder Rape and pillage Shelling innocent civilians The Holocaust

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