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* At Auschwitz (from early 1942 on) the Jews were separated into fit for work and not fit for work. The latter were gassed as soon as possible, the former had to work as slave labourers. * At othe extermination camps, such as Sobibor and Treblinka, a small number of new arrivals were selected to help dispose of the corpses. * At ordinary concentration camps the newly arrived prisoners were sent off to work - as slave labour. * At some ordinary concentration camps, especially in the early days, there were 'initiation ceremonies', including severe beatings, for new arrivals.

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they would have been told what they were guarding, who their squad leaders were and where they would be billeted. They would be told the rules and how to treat the prisoners.

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Q: What happened to the prisoners when they first arrived at a concentration camp?
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What happened when Jews first arrived at the concentration camps?

nothing happened to 'all'. Depending on need, a proportion were selected for work.

When Jews first arrived in the death camps they were given showers then put to work true or false?

false on both counts. Though this is what happened in concentration camps.

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What was the name of the first concentration camp for political prisoners north of Berlin which opened in 1933?


When was the first concentration camp established and who were the first prisoners?

The first concentration camp was Dachau, it was opened on march 22nd 1933. The first prisoners were communists, because they were blamed for the Reichstag fire, that Hitler and the Nazis had planned to make it seem as if it were the communists fault, and Hitler "saved" the Germans from their actions and he "stopped" the fire. So they were sent to dachu, political prisoners

Why is dachau important?

Dachau was the first Nazi Concentration camp. It was first just used for political prisoners but as time went on more people were put into the camp. Dachau was the model for the other concentration camps that came later. Inside Dachau prisoners were medically experimented on and they had to do forced labor which sometimes killed them.

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Who were the first people put in a consentrarion camp?

Concentration camps are a British invention and were first used to house Boer prisoners during the Boer War in South Africa.

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Why did they create concentration camps?

Concentration camps were first used by the British during the Boer War. As their name implies, it was the most efficient way of holding the maximum number of prisoners with the smallest number of guards. For the reasons why the Nazis set up concentration camps see the related question.

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