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A tie breaker between the two conferences

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Q: What happens if a NBA team is tied with another team in their confrenc?
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In soccer what happens when both teams are tied?

In the World Cup, if the game ties and they are still in the group matches, it just remains a tie game. But it they go into the last 16,8,4, and 2, they will go into kill time, which is essentually a time in which whoever scores a goal first wins the game. But if that fails, they will go into penalty shootouts, and will continue until there is a victor. Now, if it were like an ameture soccer leage, then they would just call it a tied game.

Who is the winningest college football team since World War 2?

Since 1946, Oklahoma is the winningest program either way you look at it. Leading the list in total wins is Oklahoma with 514. Nebraska, Penn State, and Texas are tied at second with 494. Oklahoma also leads the winning percentage list at .755. Ohio State is second at .743.

Which country has largest armed force?

The USA or some kind of European country Tied between Germany and United States

What is the Roman army decimation?

decimation was death by utter humiliation. soldiers that deserted or disobeyed an order then they would be decimated. The decimation was carried out by fellow soldiers. so you would be tied to a post and clubbed to death by men who you had fought together with, eaten together etc. but decimation could be different, general Scipio after he had defeated Hannibal caught the few soldiers that had deserted, tied them to the road and rode his elephants over them. so decimation was the ultimate humiliation to a soldier.

What was Japan's position at the time of World War 2?

They were a major world power at the time of WWII.One of 3 central Axis powers, they were tied to Germany and Italy in the Tripartite (Three Party) Pact.

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What happens if a curling game is tied?

you play another end

What happens to a horse in a dead heat?

It means the horse has tied for first place with another horse in a race.

Two teams tied for first place one team still has one game to play and they win that game who gets first place?

The two teams couldn't be tied for first if one team had another game to play. That team would be a 1/2 a game behind. If after the game, they are then tied a one game play-off results.

What happens if two athletes draw a competition?

Draw is another term for tie ... the athletes would have tied in whatever competition they were in.

What happens in a shoot out at a hockey game?

Each team selects 3 players to go one on one with the goaltender. Whichever team gets more goals wins and if they're tied after 3 rounds it keeps going on.

What if the nhl teams are tied with points who gets the better seed?

The team with more goals for, if that is also tied, the least goals against, if that is tied...dunno

Another word for tied?


What happens if the end of a tennis match is tied?

You play a tie-breaker. This is usually 7 points if the games in the set is tied

What happens if you get pregnant and your tubes are tied?

If you are pregnant and your tubes are tied afterwords, you should be fine. but that means you can't get pregnant again.

What happens after the first OT and no one scores?

In college football, the teams play a second overtime. If the game is tied after that, they play a third overtime. And on and on until one team is leading after an overtime. In the NFL, if no team scores in overtime the game is over and declared a tie.

In the group rounds of the world cup what happens if all teams have the same amount of points?

FIRST: they compute the "Goals in favor minusGoals against index" for the tied teams . Example: TEAM A and TEAM B tied at 7 points, but TEAM A scored 6 goals and took 2, whereas TEAM B scored 4 goals and took 2 also. TEAM A would take first place because its index would be 4 against TEAM B's 2 (6-2=4 and 4-2=2).SECOND: if after the first approach the teams remain tied, then first place is awarded to the winner of the game between the two tied teams. If their game was a draw, then,THIRD: they flip a coin.Reaching the third option is very rare (I don't know if it has ever happened) but it could happen...

What team in sports has the most champioships?

the celtics and Yankees are tied at 27