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Good question, just today I've found a bit of broken glass in my food (Indian restaraunt in London), but I've realised that before swallowing. Quite a good answer is there -

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Q: What happens if you swallow broken glass?
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What was the Kristel Nacht also Known as?

the night of the broken glass

How do you clean broken glass out of my dishwasher?

Before I begin, I would like to state that I, personally, wouldn't clean broken glass out of YOUR dishwasher. I think your grammar is a bigger problem than your broken glass. You should have been consistent, one of the following would have been much better: 1) How do you clean broken glass out of your dishwasher? 2) How do I clean broken glass out of my dishwasher? 3) How does one clean broken glass out of a dishwasher? To answer: Remove the racks, pick up the big pieces CAREFULLY with your fingers, use a damp stack of a few paper towels for the small pieces (which you can throw directly in the trash after the small pieces stick to it), then run a cycle or two to wash the tiny leftover pieces away.

Where could one find a company that specialises in repairing broken glass?

Many hardware and home improvement stores have a glass repair service or could recommend some other company that could repair the glass. Angie's List is another place to find a professional who could repair broken glass.

What does kristallnacht mean?

The "Night of the Broken Glass" happened in November 1938. Over two nights, Nazis destroyed homes, schools and businesses held by Jews and killed over 100 people.

What is kristallnatch?

The night of broken glass, November 9, 1938 This was a series of coordinated attacks against Jews in Nazi Germany by the SA. Streets were covered with broken glass from the windows of Jewish-owned stores, buildings, and synagogues.