What happens in war?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In wars people are shot, they loose there homes, they are forced to go somewhere else, children lose parents and ar left alone! So many terrible things happen in wars! People are forced to go out and help their country in wars! Just because some people want anothe bit of land! can't they stick with what the've got! war also happens for other reasons like: Greed, accidents, Fear, Economy and loads of other things that really don't matter that much1 So really whats the big deal! Seriously guys! Come on! So To war I say "Good day, I said good day!" I hope you all agree with me war is Pants and Pointless! That's my motto for war! Pants and Pointless!

P.S. I only did this because we are doing war in school!

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Q: What happens in war?
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How did the civil war affected men?

the men were hurt or killed the ones left were hungry so that's what happens

What happens at the end of carries war?

Carrie throws the screaming skull into a lake. the screaming skull has a curse that if it leaves the house at druids bottom something happens to the house. in this case the house catches on fire!

Why was it difficult for soldiers to return from Vietnam especially compared to world war 2 veterans?

The Vietnam war was not a 'popular war', especially on college campasses. Therefore when the soldiers came home, they were met at the airport by mob-protestors of the war..............and called baby killers. World War 2 soldiers returned home as heros, even tho they had undoubtedly committed atrocities happens in war. But in that era the whole country was behind the war.

What is war against your own country?

It is a civil war. If you engage in war to overthrow the current government, it's called a revolutionary war. If it's a war between people in the same country, it's called a civil war. If it's a group of people fighting against the government, it's called a resistance movement or a liberation movement. If the small group happens to engage in guerrilla tactics against their own government, it's also called a guerrilla war.

Did Ellen Rosen die in World War 2?

Ellen Rosen is a character in Number the Stars, a novel by Lois Lowry set during World War II. Toward the end of the book, it is unclear what happens to her and her family.

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What should you do if a war happen?

If a war happens you need to run and hide If a war happens you need to run and hide

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What happens when there is a clash of cultures?


What happens in Darfur?

there is a war

What happens to Patroclus after the Trojan war?

he was killed during the trojan war.

What happens during war in the new Netherlands?

world war 1

What happens after the world war two?

world war 3 peace \/

What happens when a president gets an mandate to go to war?

Probably start a war

What happens in a nuclear war?

Total destruction.

What happens when these cultures collided?

They made war

What happens to Paris after the Trojan war?

Paris was mortally wounded late on in the war by Philoctetes.

What happens first in wars?

Assasinations, loss of property are some of the first things that happens in a war.