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Nearly all decommissioned aircraft carriers are (sooner or later) re-cycled (scrapped). Rare exceptions are the USS Saratoga which was sunk as a nuclear target at Bikini Island in 1946; and the USS Oriskany which was sunk as an artificial reef in the 21st century. The light carrier USS Independence was also sunk off of California in the 1940's, however, her fate was also the result the of the atomic bomb...she was highly contaminated...and sunk years after the A-Bomb explosion. The USS America may also have been scuttled.

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Q: What happens to decommissioned aircraft carriers?
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Where are Japan's decommissioned aircraft carriers?

in china near the bigest tower there is in china

How many aircraft carriers does japan have today?

20, but they are all decommissioned

Names of the aircraft carriers of Indian navy?

INS Vikrant (Decommissioned) INS Viraat (In service) INS Vikramaditya ( Future plan)

What is being done with the conventional aircraft carriers that have been decommissioned?

During the 20th century, they were re-cycled (scrapped). 21st century, some are being sunk as artificial reefs.

Which assets became the US Navy primary strike assets after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor?

Submarines and Aircraft Carriers

Where are aircraft carriers?

There are aircraft carriers all over the world. America has about 16 of various types. Many other countries also have aircraft carriers.

How many aircraft carriers did japan have in its navy in 1941?

Answer6 Aircraft Carriers

Which aeroplanes are used in civil aviation?

Private aircraft, airliners, cargo aircraft, helicopters, decommissioned military aircraft, utility aircraft (e.g., crop dusters).

What are facts about aircraft carriers?

The only war in history fought between aircraft carriers was WWII.

How many aircraft carriers does the UK have?

None, or 3, depending on who you ask. The official line is that HMS Ark Royal, (the current flagship of the fleet and the 5th ship to bear that name,) HMS Illustrious and HMS Invincible are all aircraft carriers. They do, in fact carry Harrier jump jets, but are incapable of launching many aircraft in common use on other modern carriers. However, these ships were originally designated as "through-deck cruisers" and have displacements of little over 20,000 tons. By comparison the previous Ark Royal, decommissioned in 1978, had a displacement of 43,000 tons and even this was dwarfed by the 90,000 ton carriers in use by the US Navy at the time. So, it could be argued that the Royal Navy currently has no true aircraft carriers. The person above is an idiot, they are Invincible class ships and yes they are Aircraft carriers hence the name aircraft Carriers, despite them being unable of Carrying certain aircrafts they can carry Aircraft on a basis so yes they are, there are around five aircraft carriers, they are set to be replaced by the queen Elizabeth in late 2015-2018, Queen Elizabeth class which are Super carriers with a Total weight of 72.000 metric tons Carrying up to 50 aircraft this man above knows nothing of Carriers.

Do the Navy have Aircraft Carriers?

Yes, the navy do have Aircaft Carriers.

Are there Starbucks on aircraft carriers?

Some carriers do have Starbucks on them, but not all.