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You can make over 400 different words with these letters, so there is no single answer to this question.

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you get a different word!!!

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Q: What happens when you rearrange the letters in adolf hitla?
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What were the relationships between SS and victims?

The victims loved the ss i am telling you dis because i am Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla hail Hitla scisim de German gorhegano

What was hitlers job in ww1?

Adolf Hitla wasn't alive in world war 1. he was in world war 2 as a german military officer and he was the leader of the country.

Was hitla part Jewish?

if by hitla you mean Adolph Hitler, then yes, there are theories, that the person who was his father's father was Jewish.

Who was a main person of the battle of Britain?


Who cared for injured soldiers during the civil war?


Is this how you spell hitla?

No. The correct spelling for the genocidal Nazi maniac is Hitler.

Who started the war on terror?

George Bush Jnr.

Why does Germans cheat?

they eat prezzel sticks and hitla told them to take streroids

What is the strongest weapon in black ops?

the hk21 the only way to get it is bye using the random weapon and when it's pack-a-punch it could kill hitla

Did us won world war 2?

No particular country won the war hitla just gave up and commit suicide and then German army surrendered.

What did Hitler do to his wife and dog?

Hitler killed himself on the 30th April, 1945, with his wife, one day after he married Eva Braun. He killed his dog the day before on the 29th April, 1945. Adolf Hitler knew that it was not long until the Russians invaded his bunker, so rather than allowing the Russians (Who were reported to be very brutish towards their prisoners) have his dog (where it would have been unsafe) he gave it a cyanide pill. The day after, Hitler and his new wife, Eva both took a cyanide pill, Hitler shot himself in the head with a 7.65 mm Walther pistol as well. Hitler's soldiers then burnt his body so that the enemy could not tamper with it.

What was the condition of Germany after World War 1?

A variety of things, including:Borders were redrawn, causing them to lose territory to certain countries (like Alsace-Lorraine to France).The Reich (Empire) was dissolved and the Kaiser was eliminated.In the Treaty of Versailles, Germany was in essence, blamed for the war, and was forced to play reperations to other countries for their expenses.Restrictions on military buildups were made.The new government (the Weimar Republic) was built on a shaky foundation. Following the harsh terms of the treaty, and the general economic impact the war had, inflation was rampant and many people were unemployed.Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists (Nazis) used the poor economy, the treaty, and other nationalistic and Anti-Semitic feelings to take control in the 1930's.AnswerAfter WW1 Germany was in a state of economic depression and the infrustructure was demolished by the outstanding amount of bombs that hit her. She could not afford to pay her allies and so was forced into signing the treaty of Versailles which the public were outraged about. Ten years later Adolf Hitler came along and became a politician.