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black shirt .

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Q: What heats up faster in one minute a gray shirt or a black shirt?
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Should i get a royal blue or black shirt?

Black shirt

Does a black shirt or a white shirt absorb more sun?

A black shirt will absorb more sun than a white shirt will

What is the probability of pulling a red shirt and black shirt out of a draw with a red shirt a black shirt a white shirt and gray shirt?

1/6. There are 6 possible combinations of 2 you could pull out of the washer (red&black, red&white, red&gray, black&white, black&gray, white&gray), and red and black is one of them.

What is the shirt Jeff hardy wore at the royal rumble?

the sirt was just a tight black shirt the sirt was just a tight black shirt the sirt was just a tight black shirt

How do you say the shirt is black in spanish?

camisa(shirt) es(is) negra(black).

What is Black Shirt Day?

it is on may 11 and you are supposed to wear a black shirt

What shirt is hot the black or whit shirt?

Black Shirt because it absorbs the suns rays (aka heat) while the white shirt reflects it

What color shirt and tie with a black suit to match a black dress?

a red shirt or black tie, it can be any color shirt, but make sure the tie has atleast some black if not all of it is black.

What color shirt go with white shirt?


Why does a white cotton t shirt lose it's shape faster than black t shirt?

NO!!, a white t-shirt looks like it has because its white and isn't flattering, the reason it looks like black t-shirts always stay in shape is because black always makes u look skinnier so, that makes it look like it fits u perfectly!!



What to write on white t-shirt when you have black pen?

If i wear white shirt and you have a black permanent marker pen what would u write on my shirt?