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The two successful four-engine bombers were: 1. The Handley Page Halifax (entered service in 1941) 2. The AVRO Lancaster (entered since in 1942).

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Q: What heavy bombers were built by the British in World War 2?
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What two types of heavy bombers built by the British especially for night bombing?

The Lancaster and the Wellington

What types of airplanes were there in World War 2?

Fighters (Hellcats); Dive Bombers (Dauntless); Torpedo Bombers (Avengers); Medium Bombers (Mitchells); Heavy Bombers (Superfortress).

What were the heavy bombers built by the British for night bombings?

Principally the Avro Lancaster. The Short Stirling & The Handley-Page Halifax were the supporting players. Pathfinding was usually done by the de Haviland Mosquito.

B-52 bomber financing in World War 2?

The B17, B24, and B29s were the heavy bombers of WWII. The B52 was the heavy bomber of the Vietnam War.

What size bombs did they use in world war 2?

at the start of the war only 25lb bombs were used, later 50lbs on fighter bombers in 1939, 100lbs bombs of light bombers such as the mosquito, 200lbs bombs on a mix of planes and later ww2 fighter bombers such as the tempest, 250lbs were used on a range of role, 500lbs on medium bombers, 1000lbs on heavy bombers, 2000lbs on heavy bombers, 8000lbs on the Lancaster, 12,000lb earthquake bombs on specially outfitted Lancaster, 22,000lb bombs on specially outfitted Lancaster

How big were World War 2 planes?

Most fighters were about 30 feet wingspan, medium bombers were 60-70 feet wingspan ,and heavy bombers were about 130 fee wingspan and 90 feet long.

What is a ventral machine gun?

They're mounted in turrets along the underside of heavy bombers. All World War II bombers had them; they were used to defend the plane against enemy fighters and they were operated by the bombardier when he wasn't bombing.

Are tanks crush proof?

Yes. A tank has strong heavy armor and a heavy weight that is great from getting crushed by helicopters or bombers.

What did heavy bombers do to the war?

the wer god mans so look for mor wed

Did the army ever attack a heavy water plant during World War 2?

The Norsk Hydro plant that produced heavy water in Norway was attacked several times, including by British Commandos and the US Army Air Forces Bombers. Also partisan raids attempted to destroy it. In the end the Germans tried taking the enrichment cascade equipment and the remaining heavy water back to Germany, but partisans sank the ferry with a bomb.

What weapon did British use to to strike fear in the Germans?

Lancaster heavy bombers created firestorms in German cities with concentrated incendiary bombs. These bombing attacks caused significant loss of life. Additionally, the British Spitfires and Hurricane fighters were a potent weapon in the Battle of Britain.

How heavy was the first British World War 1 tank?

The British tank that was first produced in 1915 weighed 28 tons.