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  • Hitler would have been dead.
  • The concentration camps would have been shut down.
  • Claus von Stauffenberg wouldn't have been executed.
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Q: What if operation valkyrie succeeded?
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Where did operation Valkyrie take place?

Operation Valkyrie- the attempted assassination of Adolf Hitler and overthrow of his Nazi government- took place primarily in two places. Hitler was bombed during a meeting with several high ranking officers at the "Wolf's Lair" headquarters building in Rastenburg, East Prussia, which is now called Ketrzyn, Poland. After the bombing, the colonel who bombed Hitler fled to Berlin, Germany, to meet with the other conspirators and attempt to take control of the government. However, Hitler survived the bombing, and the attempted overthrow of the Nazis failed. The conspirators were executed, and many more people were arrested or executed in relation to the assassination attempt.

What are the ratings and certificates for Valkyrie The Plot to Kill Hitler - 2008 TV?

Valkyrie The Plot to Kill Hitler - 2008 TV is rated/received certificates of: Finland:K-13

Who succeeded Babur?

Humayun succeeded Babur.

What does this valkyrie have to do with Hitler?

"Valkyrie" is a new movie about the assassination attempt on Hitler. It is also the name of a book about the many attempts on Hitler's life. Valkyrie was a code name for a German operation that would take over the government in case someone attempted to over-throw Hitler's government OR if he was killed. This plan laid out the details of how the military would maintain control of the capital in Berlin and all the governmental cities in the country. This would ensure that the Nazi would maintain power. The people plotting to kill HItler knew that if they killed him then someone just as bad, such as Georbels or Goering, would take his place. So they got their people to re-write the Plan so that the Nazi's would not take over the control of the country but rather the local National Guard. Then they could control the local army and keep the Nazi's out of power.

Who succeeded Humayun?

Sher Shah Suri succeeded humayun

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When did Operation Valkyrie happen?

Operation Valkyrie happened in 1944.

Did operation valkyrie work?

no it failed

Is there an operation valkyrie book?


Was operation valkyrie successful?


Who were the targets in Operation Valkyrie?

Adolph Hitler

What year was the operation VALKURY?

I take it you mean Operation Valkyrie, which was on July 20th, 1944.

What was Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg's role in World War 2?

Colonel Stauffenberg was the main player in Operation Valkyrie, an attempt to assassinate Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944. The operation almost succeeded, but Hitler survived and Stauffenberg was executed.

What countries were involved with operation Valkyrie?

Britain and United States

Was the Manhattan project the code name of the plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler?

Operation: Valkyrie, I believe.

What are the release dates for MythBusters - 2003 Operation Valkyrie 9-12?

MythBusters - 2003 Operation Valkyrie 9-12 was released on: USA: 22 December 2010 Canada: 8 May 2011 Australia: 6 June 2011 Finland: 4 April 2012

When did Valkyrie Complex happen?

Valkyrie Complex happened in 2009.

When did Valkyrie Profile happen?

Valkyrie Profile happened in 1999.