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USS Pueblo

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Q: What incidents was not related to the Vietnam War?
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What is the related to credibility gap related to?

The Vietnam War

What was proof that American soldiers committed war atrocities in Vietnam?

Incidents such as My Lai were photographed. and televised

How was the war in Vietnam related to the cold war?

Both were against communist aggression. The cold war was no shooting; Vietnam was shooting.

What where the important dates during the Vietnam war?

02/04 August '64 Tonkin Gulf Incidents; that's what started the conventional war and war with North VN.

What was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution and why is it significant?

The two incidents (one actual sea battle, and one questionable sea battle) allowed President Johnson (LBJ) to transition the Vietnam War from a guerrilla war into a conventional open war against Hanoi (Capital of North Vietnam).

What was the trigger that that got the US in the Vietnam war?

Tonkin Gulf "Incidents" August '64. Naval engagements between USN & NVN.

What did the escalation policy entail during the Vietnam war?

The term "escalation" is the accepted historically accurate term. But what really happened was the shifting of a "guerrilla" war in South Vietnam (RVN=Republic of South Vietnam) to a "conventional" war in South Vietnam AND open warfare against North Vietnam on or after the Tonkin Gulf sea battles (called incidents) on 02 & 04 August 1964. Vietnam was so touchy, that special terms had to be applied by the US administration, some examples follow: 1. The two sea battles in August 1964 were called "incidents." 2. The invasion of Cambodia on 01 May 1970 was called an "incursion." 3. Vietnam War is sometimes called "Vietnam Conflict"; which would also make the US Civil War a "Conflict" since it was not a declared war either.

How was world war ll and Vietnam related?

Vietnam was fought by WW2 leadership (WW2 veterans).

Are there any blood related nicknames that the Vietnam war owns?

What is a "blood related nickname?" Some GI or US public nicknames for the Vietnam/or the war were; "The Nam", "Indochina", or "Southeast Asia."

What marked the official entry of us in the vietnam's conflict?

The official beginning of the conventional war (infantry, tanks, jets, etc.) and war between America and North Vietnam were the Tonkin Gulf naval battles (called incidents) in August 1964.

What groups fought in the Vietnam civil war?

Vietnam has never had a civil war. The closest you could get would be the Vietnam War, which was fought between the separate although related countries of North and South Vietnam (along with the allies of each side).

Who shot the first fire of the Vietnam war?

No one really knows that answer..Answer:There was no "first shot", rather an escalation of incidents and pressures. See Link