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Dien Bin Phu ejected the French from Indochina.

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2008-03-02 00:41:53
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Q: What influence did the Battle of Dien Bin Phu have on the Vietnam War?
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Where is dien bin phu located?

Northwestern Vietnam .

What happened in the battle of Dien Bin Phu?

The Viet Minh defeated the French .

Why was Dien Bin Phu important?

Last battle, last French defeat, ended the war.

What happened to cause the Vietnam War?

The Americans wanted to stop communism from spreading. Also the defeat of France at Dien Bin Phu played a major part in the entry of the US.

Where did the battle of dien bin phu take place?

The battle took place on the west side of Dien Bien district, in Lai Chau province, 500 km northwest of Hanoi. Dien Bien Phu is surrounded by mountains and lies in the Muong Thanh valley, a 20-km long and 6-km wide heart-shaped basin. The Nam Rom River runs across the valley, which is why the Dien Bien Phu valley is so fertile.

How did Isolationists in the US government try to keep the US neutral in Vietnam?

Isolationists made little effort in the early (Post Dien Bin Phu) days. It was the anti war protests against the war and the draft that fought against the Vietnam War.

What happened to the men who surrendered at dien bin phu?

8,290 died in captivity .

Why did the US become involved in the Vietnam War in the 1950's and 1960's?

Containing Communism was the reason for aid to the French. Dien Bin Phu meant that the French had to withdraw and the US simply filled the vacumn.

What was the last major French battle?

Perhaps the best known is the Siege at Dien Bin Phu although the French have served well and honarably all over the world since that 1954 disaster.

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Ich dien (motto of the Prince of Wales) = I serve Ich bin = I am

When did Battle of Bin Jawad happen?

Battle of Bin Jawad happened on 2011-03-06.

When did Second Battle of Bin Jawad happen?

Second Battle of Bin Jawad happened on 2011-08-27.

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