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Vietnam was a "hot" battle of the "Cold War". The Korea was the first "hot" battle of the "Cold War."

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Q: Why was the Vietnam war none of your business?
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What are the chances of dying in the Vietnam war?

None. There is was in Vietnam.

What body declared war in Vietnam?


What are some connections between the Vietnam and Iraq wars?

None. The US is not at war with Iraq. In Vietnam, the US was at war with North Vietnam.

What type of nuclear weapons did the Vietnam war use?


How many Jew went to canada during the Vietnam War?


What options did Lyndon B. Johnson have after the Vietnam war?

None, he was no longer President when the war ended.

What was the view of congress in Vietnam war?

The non-politically correct answer is: As long as THEIR SON wasn't in Vietnam, it was business as usual.

What was the UN role in Vietnam war?

None. They didn't want us there either. It was sort of an unpopular war.

There are some similarities Vietnam and Iraq?

None. Vietnam was a war against another nation (North Vietnam). Iraq is a police action in which law, order, and stability is trying to be established from withing the country. The US is NOT at war with Iraq.

What counrties were alliance with north Vietnam in the Vietnam war?

None as a combatant. The USSR/Red China/and Warsaw Pact nations all contributed weapons and equipment to North Vietnam.

Traders in the Vietnam war?

Traders, conducting the business of "trade" was conducted during the war by both North & South Vietnam. The North received it business from the Soviets & Red Chinese. The South received it's business from the free world. If the question is referring to "Traitors", traitors in South Vietnam were quickly labeled as VC (Viet Cong), and were either imprisoned or executed.

Who won America Or Vietnam?

The nation (country) of Vietnam didn't exist during the Vietnam War. Nor was any nation called "Vietnam" fighting the US. There was a country called North Vietnam that defeated the Republic of South Vietnam in 1975. The US was allied to the RVN (Republic of South Vietnam).