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3 cgpa is equal to ist division

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Q: What is 1st division interms of cgpa?
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What was the division of the RCMP in world war 2?

No. 1 Provost Company of 1st Canadian Division

What unit awards are authorized for the 1st Brigade 1st Armored Division STB?

See website for that particular Brigade and Division. Every (US Army) Division, Brigade, Regiment, Battalion, and Squadron has it's own history.

What division attacked Omaha Beach in World War 2?

The US 1st Infantry Division and the US 29th Infantry Division (Virginia-Maryland National Guard).

What Army division is called the Big red 1?

1st Infantry Division. The patch is a GREEN square with a point on the bottom and a RED "1".

Where Company A 163rd Infantry was located during World War 1?

Most likely in the vicinity of St. Aignan, France.The 163rd Infantry was part of the 41st Infantry Division (National Guard). The Division was organized at Camp Greene, N. C., near Charlotte, in September 1917. The Division was composed of National Guard Troops from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. Its nickname was the "Sunset Division". The Division remained in training at Camp Greene until October, when parts of it began embarking for France, the last units arriving in France December 7, 1917.Upon arrival in France the Division was redesignated as the 1st Depot Division, and sent to the St. Aignan training area. The Division was broken up into training cadres, to train replacements for combat divisions at the front. While serving as the 1st Depot Division the Division forwarded over 260,000 replacements to units at the front.During the war the Division had 93 men killed and 315 wounded.