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when Britain didnt want or have any alliances with any countries and hardly got involved in European politics. the policy that Britain used throughout the 19th century. it relied on Britain having a strong navy to defend itself

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Q: What is Britain's policy of Splendid Isolation?
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Why did Britain abandon her policy of splendid isolation?

Why had Britain followed the policy of ‘Splendid Isolation’ in the past? She was keen to avoid foreign military alliances as it could cause them potential problems. Britain remained isolated from Europe in order to concentrate on expanding her navy and her empire. Which country followed the policy of splendid isolation? In 1907, Britain finally abandoned the policy of splendid isolation when she signed the Triple Entente. France wanted her two allies to come close together.

What was British policy of splendid isolation before 1914?

The British Policy Of Splendid Isolation was followed due to several reasons firstly her geographical barrier.she was an island and was seperated from mainland europe by the english channel. secondly

When did Britain decide to abandon the policy?

At the turn of the twentieth century, Britain recognised that Splendid Isolation would have to be abandoned.

Why did Britain abandon its policy of Splendid isolation?

Britain abandoned their policy because they were getting fearful and suspicious of Germany's growing strength as Germany started to threaten Britain in many ways.

How did Britain abandon his policy of splendid isolation?

concerns over buildup of German navy being left out of European alliances the US' economic power

What was America's policy about war in Europe during the 1910s?

it was a policy of Isolation

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Did china follow a policy of isolation before or after Japan?


In the 1800s, the United States had a foreign policy of _______.?


Why was Britains policy of indirect rule in Nigeria unsuitable for Igbo?

The Igbo lacked a centralized political organization.

What was US Foreign Policy world war 1?

The u.s policy during the first world war was policy of isolation