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The only carbine that the US Army officially issued as standard issue was the US M-1 (or M-2 fully auto) Carbine. This was a WW2 and Korean War carbine. US Army marksmanship badges during the Vietnam War (M-14 & M-16 Rifles) were: Expert, Sharpshooter, and Marksman. The M-1 Garand Rifle is not to be confused with the M-1 Carbine. Both were general issue at the same time in both Korea and WW2; for the both the US Army and the US Marine Corps. The M-1 Rifle used a 30-06 cartridge and the M-1 Carbine used a cartridge about the size of a pistol/revolver .357 magnum cartridge. If a man has one of those "Carbine Expert 1st Class" badges, then it probably came from the Korean War/WW2 era; when those weapons were general issue.

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Q: What is Carbine Expert first Class in the army mean?
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Weapons qualification in the US Army has three awards. Expert, Sharpshooter & Marksman (the lowest of the three). The marksman award is sometimes refered to as the "BOLO Badge". For the standard personal arms--rifles and pistols--Expert, Sharpshooter and Marksman are the awards. For other weapons, like machineguns and grenades, they use First Class, Second Class and Third Class.

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yes there is in the army

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2009 army e-7 list?

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