What is German theater?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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ETO (European Theater of Operations); PTO (Pacific Theater of Operations); CBI (China, Burma, India Theater of Operations) during WWII.

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Q: What is German theater?
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What was the turning point of World War two?

The answer is generally reliant upon the theater , for example on the Eastern Front the defeat of German forces at the Battle of Stalingrad which many historians regard as the turning point in the Second World War , the Battle of Midway in the Pacific Theater , El Alamein in the Middle East or D-Day in the European Theater where penultimately a NAZI occupied Europe was liberated .

What is the different between the pacific theater and the European theater?

in the European theater we fought the Germans in the pacific theater we fought the Japanese

When was World Masterpiece Theater created?

World Masterpiece Theater was created in 1969.

What were the effects D-Day?

I know of one effect and that is that now the allies now have another way to get to the German forces.* The allies pushed through France towards the German border, proving that the German war machine was not invincible. The war started coming to its end in the European theater. Many soldiers lost there lives on D-day and during the months after. The German forces were defeated when Germany become surrounded by the Allies with the Russians to the south, and the British, Americans, and the Canadians to the south. D-day was the start of the end of the war in Europe.

What theaters of world war 2 was not most closely associated with the Bataan death march?

Most likely the Bataan Death March would be part of the Pacific Ocean Theater of World War II, as this theater is between the Allies and Japan, the latter occupying the Philippines during the war.

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