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play Baseball play baseball

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Q: What is a Blue jays daily routine?
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Can blue jays glide?

how do blue jays glide

What are baby blue jays called?

Baby blue jays are called chicks.

Where in Canada do blue jays live?

blue jays live all across Canada.

What are male blue jays called?

A group of blue jays is called a band or party

1943-1944 name for Phillies?

=Blue Jays==Blue Jays=

What is the blue jays team mascot?

The blue jays mascot is Ace.

What city was the home for Canada's Blue Jays?

Toronto blue jays

What color is a blue jays egg?

A Blue Jays egg is a pale bluish green color

Where do blue jays?

Blue jays live in Canada in nests that are built on trees.

What do blue do jays before nesting?

blue jays mate before they nest.

When was Toronto Blue Jays created?

Toronto Blue Jays was created in 1977.

When was Jackson Blue Jays created?

Jackson Blue Jays was created in 1924.