What is a airman?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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someone who serves in the Air Force

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Q: What is a airman?
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What is the opposite gender of airman?

a airman is called a AIRMAN

What are the four airman grades in the air force?

E-1 Airman Basic (AB) E-2 Airman (Amn) E-3 Airman First Class (A1C) E-4 Senior Airman (SrA)

The USAF chain of command?

Airman Airman's Section Chief Airman's Flight Chief Airman's Flight Commander Airman's Squadron Commander Airman's Group Commander Airman's Wing Commander Airman's NAF (Numbered Air Force) Commander Airman's MAJCOM Commander Joint Staff Commander SecAF SecDef President as best I know it.In the chain of command of the United States Government starts with the President then descends to the Vice-President, Speaker of the House, and President Pro Tempor.

When was Airman's Creed created?

Airman's Creed was created in 2007.

When was Airman's Cross created?

Airman's Cross was created in 1941.

What Tuskegee airman was a prisoner of war?

The Tuskegee Airman were born in Alabama

What is an airman?

An airman is a male aircraft pilot, or a member of an air force.

When was Airman's Medal created?

Airman's Medal was created on 1960-07-06.

How many months do you have to have Airman first Class on before you can put Senior airman on?

You have to have time in rank of 28-36 months before you can sew on senior airman.

What happens in chapter one of Airman?

airman flys to los angles and finds a horse

When was An Airman's Letter to His Mother created?

An Airman's Letter to His Mother was created in 1941-06.

What is the duration of An Airman's Letter to His Mother?

The duration of An Airman's Letter to His Mother is 300.0 seconds.