What is a land mine?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Answer A land mine is an explosive device that is buried in the ground and is detonated when a person or vehicle travels over it. The term "land mine" is used to distinguish from a mine used in the water that explodes upon contact with passing ships. The US dropped mines into the harbor of Hanoi to stop ships from supplying their troops.

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Q: What is a land mine?
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What weapon made no man's land most dangerous to cross?

The unattended land mine, of course!

How much does it cost to put down a land mine?

it cost $3 to $30 to buy a landmine

How did the bouncing betty get its name?

Anti personnel land mine (not a anti tank mine). Once a grunt triggered the device by walking on or near it, the mine jumped into the air (hopefully above the crotch, in the minds of most infantrymen) and detonated.

Where was the land mine invented?

The land mine has had a long history of invention. Many historians speculate that the Chinese under the Ming dynasty dabbled with mine-like technology in the 14th century around the time fireworks were invented in East Asia. But since China closed their borders off from the West this technology was largely ignored for years. Meanwhile, back in Europe many amateur inventors attempted to build a land mine for use in many new wars that were waged in the Baroque and Victorian eras. Pedro Navarro of Spain and Samuel Zimmerman of Prussia tried and failed to build land mines in the 16th and 17th centuries, this pre-mine was called a fougasse (French for shell-bomb), but because these weapons were cheap and highly inefficient; they not readily used by any European military force. The modern land mine was conceived by Confederate Gen. Gabriel J. Rains when he used this new technology in 1862 in the Battle of Yorktown against Union soldiers. Rains had already experimented with this weapon in the Seminole Wars in Florida in the 1840s as booby traps and to save on standard war material. This invention was patented and was later sold to other nations for a profit. The German Empire, in 1914, took this new weapon and advanced it further for its imperial endeavours. It was even modified in the Battle of the Somme for the new invention of poison gas with abhorring causitiles. Some international treaties banned land mines with yields that are too explosive for wartime purposes. However, the Soviet Union illegally experimented with nuclear land mines until the 1980s. And the Ottawa Treaty is in effect to dig up any lost mines throughout the world and dismantle them to protect the safety of free peoples everywhere, but the U.S. has not ratifyed this treaty yet. Land mines are a central weapon in modern warfare and countinues to be advanced by the militaries of the world.

Who used mines in world war 2?

Both sides - the Allies (Britain, USA, Australia, New Zealand, India, etc) and the Axis (Germany, Italy, Japan). They were used on land at at sea. Mines are laid and recovered at sea by warships called mine sweepers.

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What weapon made no man's land most dangerous to cross?

The unattended land mine, of course!

How much money does it take to make a land mine?

a lot

How much does it cost to produce a land mine?


Was Shirley Temple in the movie This land is mine?

She did not appear in that film.

How do you create wire less land mine?

Most land mines are already designs which don't require wires. If you were talking about something remote controlled, you'd simply have to design a receiver and fuse which is compatible with the fuse well of the land mine.

How did jr martinez get burned?

he drove over a land mine, and sadly that that land mine exploded and burned him...while serving in Iraq and now he has recovered and now he is on the reality show Dancing With The Stars!