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it is the second class sub force

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Q: What is a military draft classification 2-S?
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What did 1A draft classification mean in Vietnam?

Available for military service

What did the military draft classification G5 mean during World War 1?

aint nobody got time for dat!

What is a sentence using the word classification?

The classification of fossils is difficult because they are usually only a small part of an extinct organism. The local Selective Service boards were responsible for the classification of men who were eligible for the military draft.

What was draft classification if you failed draft physical?


Could men be classified as 4F in World War 2 draft because they were needed for farming?

The 4-F classification in US Military was given primarily for muscular and bone malformations and will be rejected in military services

Use military draft in a sentence?

The people of the government tried to military draft me to fight for their country.

Describe three reasons why the American public did not support Americas involvement in the Vietnam War?

The military draft. The military draft. And of course, the military draft. If people are NOT involved...they simply do not care. When they received that draft notice in the US Mail...they very suddenly cared!

What is a military draft classification 4A?

Remember, things change. But during the Viet War, it used to mean: Registrant with sufficient prior service to satisfy the requirements of law (a veteran).

What was world war draft classification 3A?

WWII draft classification 3A was men deferred because they had dependents (the "3") and not engaged in work essential to national defense (the "A").

How did Joe Biden escape the military draft?

Draft dodger!

Why isn't the military draft against the 13 amendment?

The 13th Amendment guarantees freedom from slavery for all people and has nothing to do with a military draft. The US also does not use a military draft to date.

Did World War 2 have a military draft?

Yes, WW2 had military draft in Britain, Canada and USA.