What is a outbrake?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the first research of the diseases that verified the diseases in the community.or the diseases that are spared in the community.

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Q: What is a outbrake?
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When and where was the last outbrake of plague?

That was the 1665 outbrake which lated until late September 1666.

Is it possible for a zombie outbrake to happen?

there is a slight chance that could happen

In which capital city did the assassination of archduke franz Ferdinand trigger the outbrake of world war 1?

He was asassinated in the city of Sarajevo the Serb Capital.

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What is a mass outbrake in Pokemon Diamond and pearl for Nintendo Ds?

its when too many Pokemon go to a place where they are never found. you need national sinnoh dex for this to happen. then talk to dawn's/lucas's sister

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Hello, there i have a slamm rage and my brother has a slamm outbrake and we got 81 flex brakes fitted them on and they were and still are fine i have had it for 2 years no prob so the answer to your question is YES, YES, YES IT CAN

How do you go to offline co-op on Resident Evil outbrake?

there is non offline co-op for outbreak file 1 or 2. You can only play online with a friend but from what I heard, the servers were shut down. So, you can only play by yourself now :/

How many lifeboats the HMS Britannic have?

After the tragic loss of her well known famous Titanic her sister ship His.Majestys.Hospital.Ship HMHS Britannic while under construction in Harland And Wolff was heavily modified with extra lifeboats and the promenade deck on a deck at the stern was enclosed and the major changes for the ship is that As a hospital ship, Britannic carried 42 open lifeboats and 16 collapsibles taking the total up to 56 liferboats.28 open lifeboats were held by the gantry davits two of those lifeboats were motorized) and the rest 14 were held in normal Wellin davits. There was a collapsible boat under each Wellin-mounted boat the Britannic was the largest oceon liner in the world in her time she was constructed in 1910 and launched in 1914 her origonal name was to be Gigantic but changed to Britannic, whilst being fitted out the outbrake of World War 1 broke out and she was recommisioned as a hospital ship so her hull was painted white with 4 long green bands and 3 large red crosses and her 4 funnels were painted completely buff she also had 2 red crosses on either side of boat deck which illuminated at night she then entered service in 1915-1916 from southampton to serve the medditerranean to aid wounded british soldiers but on the early hours of November 21st 1916 while sailing in the Kea Channel of the island of Kea bound for Lemnos Greece she was spotted by the german U-Boat U-73 and she laid 12 mines a few kilometers from her path and she struck a mine and sank in 55 minutes killing 30 occupants in 2 of the lifeboats that got sucked into the propellors

What are the main features of epidemiology?

well I have the idea that first in science of medicine there are prefixes and suffixes to the meaning of their words.Here the suffix ology means , the study of something. The second part or rather the pre-fix is close to the word "epidemic" . I would venture to say this is asking: what is done in the study of epidemics. I would think to keep a spread of a disease to the masses,first there might be quarantine for the affected. Perhaps even those possibly affected.If there is already a vaccine for the illness , the health departments would give free shots until the supply ran out for those not yet positive with the illness.The cause of the epidemic would be important to know so that scientist could test the possible cause for the massive outbrake. We would want to it travels,spreads, what we should stay clear of ..... for example any thing that might give the illness opportunity to gain power or strength. As soon as we knew more about the cause and its affects on the people the government would hopefully take the measures needed to at least narrow the geographics down and confine it in that space . I think this would help the scientist know how much time they have to discover a vaccine if there isn't one, possibly a cure ,but the ability to give the knowledge the public would need to stay alive would be crucial in keeping the spread minimal. Tracking of the people infected, their families, their recent activities and travels. Any thing that might have occured in their life that was not in their usual day to day activities.Also tracking of other things that have commonalities in the specifically defined area affected.There I do not know if I am correct totally or not at all. So if this is a ? from someone needing help I suggest a doctor visit immediately or even the health department. Can't think of one more thing. I'm surprised I came up with that many ideas not being a scientific person.If any one knows if I'm correct or even incorrect ,please write it. I want to learn what is really done.