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Q: What is a person who has escaped from captivity and is in hiding?
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When did bagheera and baloo meet?

After He Escaped Captivity When He Was A Cub

What does figitive mean?

The word 'figitive' is not in the English language. However, the word fugitive is defined as a person who has escaped from somewhere and is hiding someplace.

How can you use the word captive in a sentence?

The explorers were taken captive by the enemy tribe during their expedition.

How old was Jaycee Dugard when she escaped?

Jaycee Dugard was 29 years old when she escaped from captivity in 2009 after being abducted at the age of 11 in 1991.

What is an escaped person called?

An escaped person is commonly referred to as a fugitive.

Are hummingbirds in Australia?

No but I have read about some stories of them being seen in Australia, These are believed to be ones that escaped captivity.

How many prisoners escaped in the real Great Escape during World War 2 not in the film?

75 escaped. 50 were shot. All but two were shot or returned to captivity.

Did Hitler escape World War 2?

Yes hitler escaped and is now hiding in your mum

Can a person go into hiding?

A person can go into hiding if they are needing to be protected.

What did Huck tell the king how he has escaped from the cemetery?

Huck told the king that he escaped by swimming across the river and hiding in the woods until he was able to make his way back.

Where does MrDussel think the frank family had escaped to?

the franks went into hiding because the older sister Margot had gotten a leter stating that she was to report to a concentration camp. soon the whole family went into hiding. the went into hiding on July 6th 1942 during world war 2.

How did the Jews escape from the beje in the hiding place?

Corrie had received a package from her sister, Nollie with a note saying, ''All the watches in your closet are safe'', meaning the Jews had escaped from the hiding place.