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A Military Courts-Martial.

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Q: What is a trial for a member of the US military called?
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When the US military draft begin?

The US military draft began in the US Civil War (1861-1865).

What is the difference between military retirement and discharge?

A member of the US military can be discharged for several reasons. A discharge simply means that a military member's enlistment contract is being ended, either through completion of their term of enlistment or other administrative action. A discharged military member has very limited benefits, usually no more than very limited medical care for service related injuries, alone. A member of the military is allowed to retire only after completing a specified length of service, usually a minimum of 20 years. The benefits a retired military member receives is extensive. A monthly retirement check (50 percent of the military member's pay at time of retirement for 20 years of service, this increases 2.5 percent for every additional year of service to a maximum amount of 75 percent at 30 years), medical benefits with a very low premium, the privilege of shopping at military stores, and using military recreation facilities, using military transportation...

What was a member of the colonial militia in the us war of independence called?

He was called a MinuteMan, because he was ready at a moments notice

The alliance formed in 1949 between the US and western European countries that pledge military support to one another in case any member was attacked?


What was the US defensive military alliance after World War 2 called?

After WW II, in the era of the Cold War, the defensive military alliance was (and remains) NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

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What is a trial for a member of the us military is called?

Court Martial

Is the us president a member of the military?

He is the Commander in Chief of the military.

What does martialled mean?

In the US Military, a member of the armed forces, with few exceptions, is not tried by a US State or Federal Court. A court martial is a military tribunal set up to try a military member of a crime.

If a us military member gets in trouble in Korea who handles the punishment the us or Korea?


What does military ID means?

Military Identification. In the US military ID consists of both the pertinent military ID card, and the service member's dog tags.

What is it called when a US president is brought to trial?

It is known as impeachment.

Why are they called fisters?

The US Army MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) 13F is Fire Support Specialist. A 13F is a member of a Fire Support Team. Given the military penchant for making acronyms into words, F+S+T = FiST; ergo, a member of a Fire Support Team is a "FiSTer."

What branch of military was General MacArthur in?

General Douglas MacArthur was a member of the US Army.

When is an ROTC cadet considered a member of the US military?

As soon as s/he is inducted into the ROTC.

Can US Marines be referred to as GIs?

Yes, but it is typically used for the Army. GI stands for government issue and was used as a general term for any member of the US military. Marines would prefer to be called Marines or Jarheads.

How did the actions of the US military after the my lai massacre affect?

The cover up after the event and the trial helped build antiwar sentiment.

Is the Medal of Honor the highest award given by the US Government?

The Medal of Honor is the highest award that a member of the US Military can be awarded.