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It is called an amphibious assult.

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Q: What is a water to land attack called?
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What is the name of an attack from water to land?

An amphibious attack/assault.

What is an area of land that is nearly surrounded by water called?

Land that is nearly surrounded by water is called a peninsula.

A plant or animal that can live both on land and in the water is called?

An animal that can live on land and water is called an amphibian.

Why was the british attack on Bunker Hill was a mistake?

If the British went to this land called peninsula with a big land that is controlled their would be a big war. instead, they decided to attack the Americans.

Do sharks attack people on land?

sharks do not attack people on land. a shark is a water animal so if a shark took the time to atack someone on land, thehy shark would die. sharks do not breathe air.

Do tornadoes form on water or land?

They can form on either on water or on land, but it is more common for them to form on land. A tornado on water is called a waterspout.

What was the purpose of the land attack?

the purpose of a land attack was to gain more land

What is a piece of land called when it produces from a larger land area into a body of water?

That is called a promontory

What is a body of land with water on 3 sides is called?

An area of land surrounded by water on three sides is called a peninsula.

What piece of land is surrouded by water called?

this is called an island

What are the Animal living on land and in water called?

They are called amphibians.

The flow of air from land to a body of water is called?

Land Breeze