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Q: What is air and sea warfare World War 1?
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What links the World War 1 war at sea with the war in the air?

actually, it doesn't link

Did the Navy's North Sea Mine Force conduct mine warfare against the German Navy in World War 2?


Did The Navy's North Sea Mine Force conducted mine warfare against the German Navy in World War 2?


Where were most of Vietnam's battles?

Ground warfare occurred in the Republic of SOUTH Vietnam. Riverine warfare occurred in the Republic of SOUTH Vietnam; and some sea warfare occurred along the coastline of NORTH Vietnam. The Air War occurred in the skies of NORTH Vietnam. The Covert War occurred in Laos and Cambodia.

Was World War 2 is just only a war?

WW2 was a war fought around the globe; on the sea, in the air, and on the ground.

Were there sea wars and air wars in World War 1?

Yes, airplanes fought in the air, and battleships, cruisers and submarines fought at sea and under it.

Where did the countries in World War 2 battle?

Land, sea and air were the arenas used.

What nation violated Americas freedom of the sea?

Germany violated the United States freedom of the seas during World War I with its unrestricted submarine warfare.

How did US fight World War I?

Mostly Infantry and Artillery, with some Air and Sea support.

What has the author Alan Rowe written?

Alan Rowe has written: 'Air-sea rescue in World War Two' -- subject(s): Great Britain, Great Britain. Royal Air Force. Air/Sea Rescue Service, History, Search and rescue operations, World War, 1939-1945

What were the tatics of sea-warfare in world war 2?

To control the seas so that your enemy cannot expand their land empire and to stop allies from sending them aid?

Which is bigger all the air in the world or all the sea in the world?

The air because we have air all around us and only 70% of the world is sea! so the answer is air