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dad and mom went up to hell

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Q: What is an argument between two countries called?
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An angry discussion between two or more people is called?


What is trade between two or countries called?


A formal agreement between the government of two or more countries is called?

A treaty is a formal agreement between the governments of two or more countries.

What is Aggressive nationalism?

Aggressive Nationalism is the aggressiveness between two countries, that will eventually begin a war or some type of argument between two countries or two leaders. Expansionist nationalism is an aggressive and radical form of nationalism that incorporates autonomous, patriotic sentiments with a belief in expansionism.

A war between two different countries is called what?

im sure it's called a conflict.......

What is a meeting between two or more heads of state from two or more countries called?

It is called a summit.

How do you start an argument between two best friends?

you say something to upset your friend and you will get into a argument

What is difference between argument and option?

an argument is a disagreement between two people while an option is a preffered choice or point of view.

I am a large island in the Caribbean sea you are divided between two countries. I am called?


What is a deductive argument with two premises called?

A deductive argument with two premises is called a syllogism. In a syllogism, one premise is the major premise, another is the minor premise, and they lead to a conclusion.

What are the prepositional phrase in this sentences The headlines announced a truce between the two countries?

The prepositional phrases in the sentence are "between the two countries" and "of the headlines."

Which of the following is the best definition of analogy?

An argument that attempts to establish a logical connection or similarity between two thingsAn argument that attempts to establish a logical connection or similarity between two things