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An armoured personnel carrier is an armoured vehicle used to carry infantry soldiers in combat.

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Q: What is an armoured personnel carrier?
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What is the quantity of Pakistani Al Talha armoured personnel carrier?


What is a battle taxi?

A battle taxi is a military slang term for an armoured personnel carrier.

Is there a tank called M-577 in the US army?

There is a vehcle with the nomenclature of M577, but it's not a tank - it's a command vehicle, and a variant of the M113 armoured personnel carrier.

What are the release dates for Weaponology - 2007 Armoured Personnel Carriers 1-12?

Weaponology - 2007 Armoured Personnel Carriers 1-12 was released on: USA: 2 April 2007

What do you call mortar carriers?

APC"S (armoured personnel Carriers)

Can you own an armoured personnel carrier?

Laws on this may vary by jurisdiction, but, for several locations, yes. I know you can in the US and UK (in the UK, they even let the tracked ones travel on the roads!), but armaments are typically removed or disabled.

What can a 50 caliber gun do?

It can be used against personnel, inaminate soft targets, or lightly armoured targets.

Name a Vehicle that starts with an 'A'?

Astra, Armoured Car, Airbus, Airship, Aircraft Carrier, Ark Royal.

What is an APC?

An APC is an armored personnel carrier - an armored vehicle for carrying infantry soldiers in combat.

In modern warfare 3 what is enemy BTR?

A BTR is an Armored Personnel Carrier used by the Russian Army.

How many people does an aircraft carrier feed each day?

Typically, an aircraft carrier is home to close to 5,000 people. This includes ship's crew and air wing personnel.

What is the US Marines AMP?

Amphibious Tractor. The US Marine's version of the US Army's APC (Armored Personnel Carrier).