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Egg rasher is the money which was granted by the Govt. to the people as an assistance after civil war.

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After the war the government changed the currency. The "egg rasher" is the pronunciation of "ex-gratia" refering to the new money the people receive back from the bank.

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Egg rasher in the story 'civil peace ' refers to new currency in Nigeria after civil

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Q: What is an egg rasher in the story civil peace?
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What is an egg rasher in civil peace?


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The climax in “Civil Peace” was when Jonathan gave the thief his egg-rasher check.

Who are the minor characters in civil peace?

Some minor characters in "Civil Peace" by Chinua Achebe include the thieves who rob Jonathan, the taxi driver who helps Jonathan and his family, and the bandleader at the independence party. These characters play smaller roles in the story but help to shape the narrative and provide insights into Jonathan's experiences post-civil war.

What becomes of Jonathan's egg rasher?

The thieves take it.

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The setting for the story "Civil Peace" by Chinua Achebe is post-civil war Nigeria, specifically in the aftermath of the Nigerian Civil War (Biafran War). The story takes place in the 1960s and follows the protagonist, Jonathan, as he navigates the challenges of rebuilding his life and finding hope amidst the devastation caused by the war.

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