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When the Jews were treated really badly by the Germans, and it was so bad it was called The Holocaust.

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The Holocaust was an example of genocide - that is an example of an attempt to kill a whole people on grounds of race.

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Serbians and Croatians, Nazis killing Jews during ww2, pretty much what the Chinese did to everyone during their middle ages.

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Q: What is an example of Holocaust?
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Why is the Holocaust important to us?

It is important because of the many lives lost. It is also an example of why prejudice is wrong.

How can the stories of Holocaust survivors and those who eventually freed them help to stop another Holocaust from happening?

The problem is whether the perpetrators are willing to recognize another holocaust as it is forming and occurring. For example, many people point out that the 50 million abortions (just in the U.S.) qualifies as another holocaust. But the perceived benefit (casual sex without responsibility) is so seductive and addictive that the perpetrators would not seriously consider its status as a holocaust.

How was the Holocaust racist?

Jews and Gypsies were exterminated because of ideoogical assumptions about their race and for no other reason.

Who ruled Germany during the Holocaust?

There were threee main powers.... Hitler was the leader of Germany, Mussolini was the leader of Italy and HiroHito was the leader of Japan --- Please don't treat World War 2 and the Holocaust as the same thing! The Holocaust took place during World War 2, but there was much more to World War 2 than the Holocaust. Japan, for example, was not involved in the Holocaust at all ...

What is a Holocaust denier?

When 5-star general Dwight D. Eisenhower witnessed the liberation of Ohrdruf concentration camp, he knew people would deny it and he wanted the entire camp filmed. Today, there are some people who deny the Holocaust; all of them are anti-Semitic and hate Jews for one reason or another.

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Was the Holocaust staged?

The Holocaust was not 'staged', but there are many falsehoods spread about the Holocaust. For example; you might read that people were used to make soap, this was not true.

Where is the Holocaust memorial museum?

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) is in Washington, DC. There are also many other holocaust museums, for example, in Auschwitz and Berlin.

What is a thesis staement for why the Holocaust started?

The Holocaust was the result of a modern world dealing with medieval issues. Is one example.

What is the modern meaning for the word Holocaust?

Holocaust is an act of mass destruction of human life. An example of a holocaust is the mass murder of Jews under Hitlers Nazi regime.

How did the Holocaust and the final solution affect the 'free world'?

It has been said that the Holocaust accelerated the campaign against racism, for example in the U.S., after the war.

The Holocaust is an example of genocide because?

Because hitler tried to destroy the jewish.

A battle in Holocaust?

I wonder if you are treating the holocaust and World War 2 as the same thing. The word holocaust usually refers to the Nazi genocide of the Jews and various other groups. There were very few 'battles' in the holocaust itself, but the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising is the best known example.

What were the religious aspects of the Holocaust?

I don't think the Holocaust had any religious significance. It would be very odd to suggest, for example, that the victims atoned for the sins of the world, or anything like that.

Should people be prosecuted for not believing the Holocaust?

No.There is a lot of misunderstanding about laws against Holocaust denial. In countries that have such laws (for example, Germany) there is no requirement for "believing in the Holocaust". The prohibition or ban is on publicly denying it. The laws do not say "Thou shalt believe in the Holocaust".Nevertheless, this is a restriction on freedom of speech ...Incidentally, contrary to a widespread misconception, Britain has no law against Holocaust denial.

Who survived the holocaust and is still alive in 2010?

Elie Wiesel, for example, is still alive in 2010.

What is an example of discrimination and prejudice taken to the extreme in which over 6 million Jews were killed?


What could be used as a memorial for the Holocaust?

There are some memorial, for example the United Stated Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. Key sections of Auschwitz have been preserved as a museum. If really there were any holocaust, u wld never see a Jew walking on this earth!!