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Communist Russia, North Korea, Vietnam, And any other Communist Country. Communism is a military controled Government.

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Q: What is an example of a military government?
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Myanmar's government is an example of which government form?

Military Dictatorship

What is the military revolution?

The MilitaryRevolutionrefers to a fundamental change in military strategy and schemes with resulting major changes and adjustment politically (example in the government), economically and socially.

What is history of military government in Nigeria?

Military government in nigerian

What is a modern-day example of Junta?

One modern-day example of a junta is the military government in Myanmar that seized power in a coup in 2021, overthrowing the democratically-elected government. The military junta has since cracked down on protests and dissent, leading to widespread human rights violations.

What Countries have a Military Junta government?

What countries have a military juntioa government

What common beliefs did fascist and Nazis share?

that the best form of government was a military Dictatorship.

Who funds the military?

If it is a government military of a nation for example: British Army, United States Marine Corps, Royal Australian Air Force etc then the Government Defence budjet would be their financial source. If its a private military they would get profit and income revenue from their clients and possibly other sources.

What purpose of government is served by military?

Protection is the purpose of government served by military forces.

Points on Military government is more suitable for Nigeria than Sivilian government?

Points on Military government is better than Civilian government

What was the core belief of the National Fascist Party of Italy?

that a government should take the form of a military Dictatorshipthat a government should take the form of a military dictatorship

What kind of government does Sudan have?

a military government

What is the definition of a military oligarchy?

A government of military officers who have removed or otherwise negated the elected government.