What is an iconic target?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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iconic target is a sambolic target for example in a country a statue in city is a ionic

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Q: What is an iconic target?
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What was the first terrorist target on September 11?

The first target was the hijacking of American Airlines Flight 11. The North Tower of the World Trade Center was the first ground target hit.

Where was the target city for the D-Day troops?

the target city was Normandy, France. we in invaded it because the Nazis took over France

What does firing for effect mean?

The term "fire for effect" is a military term used by spotters for indirect fire weapons. Examples of indirect fire weapons include cannons and mortars which are usually fired from a position from which the gunners cannot see the target because of terrain [hills or small mountains, etc.]. This affords them some protection by being out of sight of the enemy target. To determine the proper aiming of the weapon, a spotter who can see the target relays basic coordinates to the gunners who then fire a few ranging rounds, allowing the spotter to see how far off target the guns are aimed. The spotter will report where each ranging shot lands with respect to the target. For example, if the shot landed between the target and the gun, it is called "short;" if it falls behind the target it is said to be "long;' and if to one side it will be called "left," or "right" from the standpoint of the gun location. This process is sometimes refered to a "zeroing in." When, by this trial and error procedure, a shot lands on the target, the instruction will be "fire for effect" telling the gun crew that they are on the target, and to fire one or more salvos of several rounds rapidly to blanket the target with the explosive projectiles, hopefully totally destroying the target. In short, fire for effect means that one is on target, and to cut loose and "pour it on."

What does air raid mean?

an attack by air planes (as bombers) on a surface target

What group was the MAIN target of the Nazis during the Holocaust?

The Jews were the main target in Germany. The German genocide is also called the Holocaust.

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