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revolutionary, Vietnam, ww2, ww1.

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Q: What is another war where a lot of people died?
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How many people died during War?

There were a lot of people who died. It was very tragic.

What happened after the Spanish war?

a lot of people died

How did all the people died in the civil war?

Some people died in battle, but a lot of them died of infection and sickness.

What events happened in 2002?

A lot of people died in a war

What happened After the spanish civil war?

a lot of people died

How many people died during the Vietnam war?

a lot

What were the disadavtages in the civil war?

What a strange question! As in all wars, many people were killed.

How many military personel died in the Irag war?

a lot of people died >the famous personnel johnny suckmythang died along with 2 other personnel's.

Why a lot of people died during World War 2?

Because of Hitler and Joseph Stalin's genocide in wwII.

How did the experience of total war affect social and political patterns after war world 2?

Everyone was kinda shocked by it but it was a very hard time for people because a lot of people died in world war 2

How many people died in the spanish civil war?

about...317, 482 people died in the Spanish civil war

Did the U.S need to enter the Vietnam war?

No, they did not, A lot of people died and suffered and the war was lost in the end and the US is still there. the only people that gained anything out of it were corrupt politicians and the arms manufacturers and their employees.