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The term in military science is "War of Attrition". A war of attrition occurs when neither side has the strength or competency to defeat the other quickly and decisively in what is known as a "coup de main" Both sides fight it out over a period of time taking losses and using material. In a war of attrition the side with the most manpower and weapons wins but with losses equal to or greater then the weaker side. This is true of the American Civil War in general and the Seige of Petersburg in particular.

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Q: What is attrition of war in the US Civil War?
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How did northern military strategy change after grant took command of the union army?

It became a war of attrition. The term and concept of total war was nonexistent in the US Civil War.

Name the US war between the North and South?

*The civil war *The War between the States

Why was war of attrition important?

World War II was called the War of Attrition because by its definition it required that it was fought defensively meaning not fought on American soil. This means that there was little damage to the US.

What war ended slavery in the US?

civil war. civil war.

What does s stand for in the Civil War?

Us civil war

Was the US Civil War really a civil war in 1861?

Yes, it actually was a civil war :P

Why did the US military strategy generally evolve from annihilation to attrition over the course of each of its wars?

- US forces were unable to obtain a single decisive victory during the Civil War and WWI.- The numerical superiority possessed by the US always ensured victory through attrition.- American public opinion did not support the use of an annihilation strategy.x Attrition was a more cost effective means of waging war compared to annihilation. [doubt it]

Which president declared the Civil War?

The US Civil War was an un-declared war.

What was the worst war the us fought?

the worst war the USA. fought was the Civil War.

How long takes reconstruction last in US after civil war?

us civil war

What year did the us split in the Civil War?

US Civil War 1861-1865.

Is the civil war a just war?

The US Civil War was an un-declared war; and was a war of rebellion on the part of the south.