What is cottonocracy?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Literally, the definition is "ruled by cotton". this is referring to the southern states and the Civil War. Literally, the definition is "ruled by cotton". this is referring to the southern states and the Civil War. Literally, the definition is "ruled by cotton". this is referring to the southern states and the Civil War.

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Q: What is cottonocracy?
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Who was the Name for the wealthy planters who made money from cotton?


What is the definition of cottonocracy?

Cottonocracy refers to the collective planters, merchants, and manufacturers whose wealth was gained primarily from the cotton trade. Specifically it refers to the states Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North & South Carolina prior to the American civil war.

I need to know how muc a note for the cotton planters loan association is worth it was signed in unionville South Carolina on May 15 is a five dollar note and the number is 415.?

i think it might be cottonocracy, what do you mean

What were some of the industry in the south during 1800?

Well, there was the cotton industry. The cotton industry was big back in the 1800's. Planters were people that owned at least 20 slaves. They would be wealth families that were called "cottonocracy". Cottonocracy is a mix between cotton and aristocracy. There were two kinds of slaves, the field slaves, and the house slaves. While house slaves were still had a lower class than that of the lowest class white man compared to the field slaves they were like royalty. Back then field slaves were expected to 12 to 16 hours a day, but for some of the slaves owners that still wasn't enough.

How did the cotton boom affect the economy and society of the South?

Late in the 18th century, slavery and cotton began to fade as an important economic factor for the south and the US as a whole. Cotton production was too labor intensive. This changed with Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin. This invention allowed for the manual seed plucking from the cotton plants to become "mechanized". More cotton could be produced over the same amount of land. European textile mills and New England mills also clamored for the crop. Cotton became a money making farm crop and enhanced the US's entire economy in the antebellum days. Demand remained high and the southern plantations expanded to meet that demand.

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