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Making someone feel important or good before making a request

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Q: What is ingratiating tactics mean?
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What does oleaginous mean?

Unpleasantly and excessively suave or ingratiating in manner or speech.

Can you use ingratiating in a sentence?

I've always tried to be ingratiating with your mother, but she is determined not to like me.If she didn't work so hard to be ingratiating, people might actually like her, or at the very least, respect her.

Can you write ingratiating in a sentence?

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines "ingratiating" as "capable of winning favor." Sentences using this word include:He warmed up the audience with an ingratiatingsmileHer ingratiating manner put the newcomers at ease

What does ingraciate mean?

I think that you might have mispelled your word. Check that it wasn't ingratiating - that word means charming, pleasing, deliberately designed to gain favour. It isn't a really complimentary word - it is like saying that someone is "sucking up" It is an adjective. His manner was so INGRATIATING that it was hard to be angry at him for being late.

She greeted us in appeasing manner.replace the adverb phrasewith an adverb?


What does ingratiating mean?

The word "ingratiating" means getting on someone's good side, or cozying up to them, often by flattery or obsequious behavior.

What does scare tactics mean?


Sentence of ingratiating grin?

we not have to grin every day like mental people

What does your weapons were words mean?

The tactics and means you adopted.

How can you use ingratiating in a sentence?

The new neighbor's ingratiating ways of sending over homebaked goodies went unappreciated by the neighborhood scrooge.

What are some complimenting words beginning with the letter I?

Idealogical, important, impressive, indefatigable, ingratiating, intelligent, inventive, invigorating.

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