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A brother can't marry a sister it's against the law, but you can marry your 2nd cousin and down.

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I would call that incest or just weird and nasty but people do it.

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Incest and it is illegal.

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Q: What is it called when a brother and sister get married?
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Who were Harold Godwinson's brothers?

Yes, Harold Godwinson had two brothers, Sweyn (sometimes spelled Swein) and Tostig.

Did Hitler have any brother's and sister's?

Yes, he had 3 brothers, Gustav, Otto and Edmund and 2 sisters, Ida and Paula, as well as a step-brother, Alois and a step-sister, Angela.

Did Franz Ferdinand have siblings?

Yes, two brothers and a sister, and two half-sisters. Franz and his brothers and sister were all the children of their father's second wife. The first wife died without any children. After the second wife died the father married again and had two daughters. The two half sisters lived until the early 1960s. One was a nun, but the other had a family. Of Franz's immediate full-blood siblings, the sister and one brother were dead before he was murdered, and the other brother died the next year. The sister, the brother who died before Franz, and Franz all had children surviving.

Who did josef mengele marry?

I heard that he married YOU...HAHAHAHAHAHA Very funny dink but he married his brother Walburga's widow

Was Hitler his youngest sibling?

yes he did ALOIS HITLER Yes, a half-brother. Actually, he had a few brothers and sisters. He had an older half-brother, Alois, and an older half-sister, Angela. He also had two older brothers (Gustav and Otto) and an older sister (Ida); a younger brother (Edmund) and younger sister (Paula). Besides Adolf, only Alois, Angela and Paula survived to adulthood. Edmund died when he was about six years old, and the rest died even earlier in their lives.

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What is brothers wife called?

Your brother's wife is your sister-in-law. Your spouse's sister is also called your sister-in-law. Your sibling's husband is your brother-in-law; your spouse's brother is also called your brother-in-law.

What was the name of anne of cleves's brother?

John Frederick I JF was her brother-in-law (married to her sister, Sybille), not her brother. Her brother was called William.

If you get married and then your sister gets married to your husband's brother is that legal?

Yes, it is legal for your sister to marry your husband's brother.

You know sonia and froy were married but are they brother and sister too?

No they ain't brother and sister

Who is your brother or sisters daughter called?

Your brother or sister's daughter is called 'your niece.'

What relation is your fiance's sister to your brother and sister?

Your fiance's sister is not related to your brother or sister. However, once you are married and your fiance is your wife, she will be their sister-in-law and they will be her brother-in-law and sister-in-law.

What relation to you is the daughter of the woman whose brother married your sister?

Your sister's husband is your brother-in-law. The daughter of his sister is his niece, and your sister's niece, but is not related to you. Assuming the child was born to the woman before she met your brother, the daughter of the woman whose brother married your sister is not related to you.

How many kids did Quentin Blake have?

Quentin Blake Had Two Brothers And One Sister the oldest was his sister and he was the youngest his sister was called Emily his oldest brother was called thomas and his other brother is called Harry

Who is a man married to your sister?

Your brother-in-law.

What is the man married to your sister?

it is your brother in-law

Has a brother and sister ever got married?


Does Madison pettis have a sister?

Yupp she has a half brother and half sister which are married (well the brother) and moved out.