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Prejudice against Jews is called antisemitism, whether there is a war on or not.

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Q: What is prejudice and discrimination against Jewish people called during the war?
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What is Jewish discrimination called?

It is known as antisemitism. An individual who is prejudiced against the Jew is called antisemitic.

What is hostility toward the Jews called?


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hurthjhcs is called Human Ultra Rough True Hate Join Hons Christman Survice

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Prejudice, discrimination, judging?

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No. Gay people are not a race. Prejudice against gay people is called homophobia.

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The untouchables (or Dalit) are the lowest caste in the Hindu caste system. While discrimination based on caste has been prohibited and untouchability abolished under the Constitution of India, discrimination and prejudice against Dalits in South Asia remains.

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Racism.This would be an example of ethnophaulism. Ethnophaulism is verbal slang against a group. For example calling a black person nappy headed, a white a cracker or someone from China a chink. Sorry for the examples being offensive but it is needed to help define.

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it's called homophobia.