What is religious thinking?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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In general terms, 'religious thinking' is any kind of thought-process that is guided by a religious commitment of a significant sort: one engages in reasoning with religious principles and goals kept in view at all times. In the context of World War I, some 'religious thinkers' reasoned that being involved in war was not justifiable -- on the grounds of faith.

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Q: What is religious thinking?
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How did the Church unify Greek thinking and religious thinking?


Are operas based on religious themes?

Usually operas are not based on religious themes. You may be thinking of oratorios.

Who is known for the ways he applied critical thinking to theology and religious thought?

There are a number of people who are known for the critical thinking that they applied to theology and religious thought. I will mention one of them, Christopher Hitchens.

How does scientific thinking differ from religious thinking?

Scientific thinking relies on evidence, reason, and the scientific method to understand the natural world, while religious thinking is often faith-based and relies on beliefs, teachings, and traditions to derive knowledge about the world and our place in it. Scientific thinking is testable and subject to revision based on new evidence, whereas religious thinking is often based on interpretation of sacred texts and authority figures.

What did the middle age art portray?

Religious and bible stories or moral thinking.

Did Judaism and Christianity shape religious beliefs and moral thinking?

God (Allah) did that.

What was the Jewish religious thinking before Jesus arrived?

The Jewish thinking before Jesus is the same as Jewish thinking today. Jesus didn't change Judaism, and therefore he doesn't have a role in Judaism.

What was a major concept in Enlightenment thinking?

Logical reasoning was a major concept in Enlightenment thinking.

A way of thinking that is focused more on human than on religious subjects?

Such philosophy is known as humanism.

Are religious people stereotyped?

On the contrary, they are just the opposite to being stereotyped. Religious people have a purpose in their lives, each one an individual capable of thinking and reasoning for themselves. It is unfortunate that those who are not religious can be classed as stereotyped.

Why do religious people think people are better than animals?

The reason for most people who are very religious thinking that animals don't have souls, or that humans are better than them is because of the fact that animals don't seem to be capable of intelligent thought, or higher thinking capabilities.

What has the author Gary Gutting written?

Gary Gutting has written: 'French Philosophy in the Twentieth Century' 'Thinking the impossible' -- subject(s): French Philosophy, Philosophers 'Religious belief and religious skepticism' -- subject(s): Religion, Belief and doubt, Philosophy 'Thinking the impossible'