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They both have five digits.

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Q: What is similar about the foot and hand?
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Is a foot bigger then a hand?

no a foot is not

You wear a shoe on a hand or foot?


How many phalanges are there on one hand or foot?

14 phalanges in one hand, 19 phalanges in one foot

Where does hand and foot come from?

Hand and foot comes from direct contact with another infected person.

Is the right hand ipsilateral to the right foot?

no, right hand is ipsilateral to the right foot.

Which is more dangerous for electrical shock hand to foot or hand to hand?

hand to hand

Which hand is your right hand?

Your right hand is the hand that is above your right foot.

Can adults get hand mouth and foot disease?

anyone can get hand foot and mouth diseases even kids

What are facts about athlete's foot?

You can get athlete's foot on ur hand

Complete the other half hand and what?

Hand and foot/feet.

How do you play hand knee and foot?

You put your hand on your knee, then your foot (take a picture cause u will look cool)

What is better your foot or your hand?

i would say your hand because you basically do everything with your hand