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lifting the knees to waist line

It is "goose step" marching.

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Q: What is the German marching style?
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What is the name given to the German style of marching?

The style used by the German army at the time of World War II was called Goose-steppign by other countries.

How do you say soldiers marching in German?

Soldaten marschieren

What is the difference in playing a marching snare drum and a concert snare drum?

the marching snare has a crisp loud noise as for a concert snare has more of a bass style

What does the German marching band play in the Diary of Anne Frank?

In the Diary of Anne Frank, a German marching band plays German national songs during a celebration for the occupation. This event causes fear and tension among the residents of the annex, as they are hiding from the German authorities.

What is the name of the song the German dude whistles in die hard with a vengeance?

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

What is the German word for style?


What is better Italian cars or German cars?

German for reliability, Italian for style.

What is Schweinebraten?

German-style roast pork.

Who are the trinity school marching band?

Trinity School Show Band was formed in January 1997 by Neil Wright and Vicky Manderson. It was originally a traditional style marching band with thirty eight members. The band stayed with this style for two years until the formation of a colour guard after a lot of badgering from girls wanting to be cheerleaders. It was at this point that the decision was taken to try out the show band style.

Are the animated hammers from Pink Floyd The Wall heroes or villains?

The marching hammers are doing the "Goose-Step" which is an allusion to the German Nazi Army's way of marching while in military formation . The audience is given the impression that the hammers are 'villains' .

What is the participial phrase in the marching band crossed the field in step?


What is the meaning of bock?

Bocks are a German style of beer.