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The Hindenburg line of WWI, was a crucial stronghold, formidable barrier to allied advances. British forces breeched the line in late November 1917 during the battle of Cambrai.There were also changes in technologies, tactics, and weaponry. Communication achieved through telephone, Morse Code, radios, and carrier pigeons.

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Q: What is the Hindenburg line of World War One?
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How long was the Hindenburg line from world war 1?

i meter

What did the Allies call Germany's special battle line during world war 1?

The Hindenburg Line.

Was Hindenburg involved in World War 2?

Reichspräsident Paul von Hindenburg died on 2 August 1934, just over 5 years before the start of the Second World War.

Was the Hindenburg part of World War 2?

No, it had burned before World War 2. It was only used for propaganda in Germany.

Was Paul Von Hindenburg the leader of Czechoslovakia during World War 2?

Hindenburg was the leader of Germany prior to Hitler's ascension to power .

Who led Germany until the beginning of World War 2?

Paul von Hindenburg .

Who were the two most famous German generals in World War I?

Erich LudendorffPaul von Hindenburg

Who commanded the Germans in World War 1?

The leader of the German forces in World War One was the Kaiser, also known as emperor, Wilhelm II. However, the Germans had many other military commanders during the war, Paul von Hindenburg served as a Field Marshall, eventually being promoted the the Chief General of Staff halfway through the war. Another notable commander was Hinderburg's deputy commander, Erich Ludendorff, who was also promoted halfway through the war to the rank of Generalquartermaster, a rank effectively equivalent to that of Hindenburg's.

What were the battle line during World War 2?

There was no battle line during World War 2.

Which gas would be more suitable for the Hindenburg?

Helium was more suitable but not available in Germany before the war.

Who were some German generals of World War 1?

von Hindenburg; Ludendorff; von Falkenheyn; Prinz Ruprecht; von Bulow; there are more....

What is the time line from World War 1 through the end of World War 2?