What is the Mark 1 tank?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It was the first combat tank. Produced in World War 1 It was the first combat tank. Produced in World War 1

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Q: What is the Mark 1 tank?
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Was mark 1 used in world war 1?

if you mean the tank-yes

When were the first tanks used in World War 1?

The british Mark 1 tank

Britains first successful nimble tank used in World War 1?

Although the British Mark I tank was the first tank, it was not until the production of the Mark V in 1917 that the tank was more nimble and safe for practical war use.

When were World War 1 tanks invented?

THe first tank to be made FOR the purpose of WWI was the Mark I Tank, built by Britain.

What was the name of the first tank used in World War 1?

WWI first tank was called? That is not a question. It isn't even a complete sentence. Therefore I cannot answer it.

What was the 2nd British WW1 tank?

The british used the mark 1 but they also used a lighter tank called the whippet nicknamed "the musical box"

What country was the first to use a tank in World War 1?

The British Mark V, Mark IV, Renault FT, Renault FT (American), Mark I, The A7V, The Beutepanzerwagen, The Saint-Chamond, Mark IX, Mark VII Liberty Tank, The Schneider CA1, The Whippet, The LK II, The Medium Mark C, and the Ford 3-ton M1918,

What is the antifreeze level for Malibu 2001?

this should be marked on side of overflow tank, cold mark and hot mark,but check tank when cold and bring up to cold mark!!

Who built the first tank?

The British and the Mark I

Does Lincoln mark viii have a reserve tank?


Who invented the mark one tank?

There were many different people responsible for creating the Mark I Tank. Most were British engineers. The tank first entered battle against the Germans in 1916, at the Battle of Flers-Corselette.

Does Lincoln mark vii have a reserve tank?

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