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Men O' War, or Man O' War; a term meaning a "warship", derived from the times of ancient war galleys when they were powered by rows of men, "manning the oars."

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Q: What is the Meaning for men in warships?
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Men of war?

Man O War=Warship Men of war=Warships

What the collective noun for Warships?

a flotilla of warships

What is the collective noun for warshipers?

The collective nouns are a fleet of warships, an armada of warships, a flotilla of warships.

What is Collective noun warships?

"Fleet" can be used for both warships and peaceable merchant ships. "Convoy" requires some warships, but may involve merchant ships being protected by the warships.

Who privately owned warships?

privately owned warships

What does warships make up?

The warships make up a formidable defence front on sea for any nation.They constitute a part of the fleet of warships such as aircraft carriers,and different classes of warships including mineswipers and submarines.

Northern Ireland builds warships and ocean?

It has built warships and ocean liners.

What is the collective noun for warships?

a flotilla of warships

Who fought off British warships that were trying to rescue General Cornwallis?

A fleet of French warships, commanded by Comte De Grasse, a French leader, defeated British warships and then blockaded the British army led by Cornwallis. The naval battle, known as the Battle of the Chesapeake, took place in September of 1781, with the final surrender of Cornwallis and his men taking place in October of the same year.

What are the release dates for Warships - 1898?

Warships - 1898 was released on: USA: May 1898

A battle between what changed the way warships were built?

The battle between the USS Monitor and the CSS Virginia changed the way warships were built. The two ships were both ironclad warships.

When was British Warships in the Age of Sail created?

British Warships in the Age of Sail was created in 2005.