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Ack-Emma is the phrase that means in the morning and was used during World War 1.

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Q: What is the World War I phrase meaning in the morning?
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Where did the phrase get the lead out come from?

The phrase "get the lead out" was very popular during World War II and is a shorter and more polite form of a popular expression at the time "Get the lead out of your ass!" meaning "speed up!".

What did president Wilson invoke during World War 1?

President Wilson used the phrase "the war to end war" when describing World War 1. The phrase is also associated with H. G. Wells.

Should you capitalize the phrase world war 2?


Why was the world war given the name world war?

Because in both world wars, the world was literally at war, meaning that many major countries of the world are at war.

What movie is the phrase FUBAR from?

The phrase FUBAR is from the 1998 world war 2 movie 'Saving Private Ryan'

Latin phrase meaning catalyst for war?

Casus belli.The term literally means "reason of war," implicitly anything that would result in war.

What event marked he start of World War 2?

The Germans invaded Poland early on the morning of September 1st, 1939. This was the start of World War II.

What two words were used by many to describe one made in the years before the Civil War?

The phrase meaning before the Civil War is ante bellum.

Did fighting cease on November 11th at 11 in the morning during World War 1?


What world war was the Anzac's?

ANZAC was a phrase used to describe units from Australia and new Zealand, it originated in World War one, specifically during the Gallipoli campaign.

How do you spell defuhrer?

The correct spelling is "Führer," which is a German term meaning leader or guide, commonly associated with Adolf Hitler during World War II.

What is the meaning of recession in World War 2?

it smells ahaha