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The Lusitania was hit by only one torpedo. The ship had been carrying tons of live cargo, so the torpedo hit caused a huge explosion. Minutes later, a second explosion occurred, however, it was NOT from a second torpedo. Researchers think the first explosion triggered the second.

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Q: What is the amount of torpedoes the lusitania was hit by?
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The submarine fired its torpedoes at the shark and they hit it in an instant.

How lusitania sank?

A German U-boat used one of it's two torpedoes to sink the ship.

What kind of boat hit lusitania?

The Lusitania wasn't hit by a boat. It was hit by a torpedo.

Was the titanic found?

Yes, Frederick Fleet the lookout saw the iceberg before the collision but with less than forty seconds, it was too late. The berg was not visible to anybody in the deckhouse, including the sailor who had his hand on the wheel at the time.

What is lustiaina?

Lusitania or commonly known as RMS Lusitania is the biggest ship of its time and was sunk by submarine torpedoes from German underwater boats. This event became one of the major reasons why the America participated in the World War I.

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The USS Indianapolis sank after being hit by torpedoes launched from a Japanese mini-submarine.

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The USS Oklahoma (BB 37).

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