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what is the answer to hitlers foster child's nameon police rural rampage?....

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Q: What is the answer to hitlers foster child's name on police rural rampage?
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What is the difference between the luftwaffe the SS and gestapo?

Originally organised by Hermann Goering, the gestapo was Prussia's secret state police. However, it eventually became part of the SS and operated throughout Germany and in occupied areas. Members of the Gestapo generally operated in civilian clothing but, in occupied areas, often wore SS uniform with police-style (rather than SS) rank insignia. Membership of the Gestapo didn't necessarily mean membership of the SS.

What was Adolf Hitlers sources of support?

He was first sent as a spy to gather information about the Nazis for the German police, but ended up becoming the propaganda boss of the Nazis instead. He gained support by traveling from city to city building his Nazi followers. He was (and still is) one the most amazing public speakers and could munipulate peoples minds with his motivational speaches and large productions that he'd put on when he would make a public appearance. People followed him blindly once he captivated them with his sharp tongue. By using this skill he gained support from many people around Germany, then rose to power in Germany and began the exicuation of "The Final Solution" to get rid of the Jews and people that were deemed "undesirable". This is now known as the Holocaust.

What is secret police in World War 2?

Germany's secret police were the "SS". 2nd world war Germany's secret police was " Gestapo " you can pronounce like gastapo.

When was National Police Cadet Corps created?

National Police Cadet Corps was created in 1959.

What were Adolf Hitler's secret police called?

The Gestapo was a secret police that showed their strength with the use of terror. Hitler and the Nazi party used this secret police to hunt down Jews, gypsies, etc. Once they found them, they would be sent to the concentration camps.

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What is the name Hitlers secret police?

It was called the Gestapo and was created by Reinhard Heydrich or ''Himmler's Evil Genius''

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The SS were his special police force but needed certain qualities to become one one was 6 ft tall and purebred German.

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