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she was home schooled by her aunt

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Q: What is the education of Rose o'neil Greenhow?
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What are rose greenhow kids?

leila greenhow, florence greenhow, gertrude greenhow, and Rose's favorite and namesake "Little Rose" greenhow

What side was Rose Greenhow on?

was Rose Greenhow working for the south? Yes

How did rose o'neal greenhow died?

Rose O'Neal Greenhow died in a shipwreck.

What was the full name of Rose O'Neal Greenhow's daughter?

he rdaughters name was Rose Marry Greenhow

How many kids did Rose O'neal Greenhow?

Rose O'neal Greenhow had four(4) children

Did rose greenhow drown?


Who were rose o'neal greenhow and belle Boyd?

Rose O'neal Greenhow and Belle Boyd were Confederate spies during the Civil War

Who is Rose O'Neal Greenhow's father?

Rose O'Neal Greenhow's father was John O'Neal. He died in 1817, the same year she was born.

Was Rose Greenhow an orphan as a child?


What did Rose Greenhow do in the Civil War?

she was a confederate spy

Did Rose Greenhow have a sister?

Yes,she did,a younger sister.

When did rose o'neal greenhow begin spying?

in 1861