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His famous speech was "I am a Filipino".

- that quite sums up what he did for our country, he makes us proud to be Filipinos.

also, when the logo for the united Nations was being finalized, he asked where the Philippines was in the map on the flag, someone told him that placing the Philippines there would be just a dot in the map. Carlos P Romulo then replied:

"Then I want that DOT."

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Some books by Carlos P. Romulo are

I Saw the Fall of the Philippines (1942)

Mother America (1943)

My Brother Americans (1945)

I See the Philippines Rise (1946)

Crusade in Asia (1955)

The Magsaysay Story (1956)

I Walk with Heroes (1961)

Identity and Change (1965).

Some speeches are

"I am Filipino" in which he said "I shall give the pledge that has come ringing down the corridors of the centuries, and its hall be compounded of the joyous cries of my Malayan forebears when they first saw the contours of this land loom before their eyes, of the battle cries that have resounded in every field of combat from Mactan to Tirad Pass, of the voices of my people when they sing: Land of the morning. Child of the sun returning... Ne'er shall invaders trample thy sacred shore."

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Q: What is the famous speech of Carlos P Romulo?
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